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Meet Kaitlyn Johnston

Kaitlyn Johnston is the Director of Horse Racing  Operations for EquiLottery Games’ flagship game Win Place Show. She is from Dallas, Texas and moved to Louisville to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Louisville’s Equine Industry Program. Kaitlyn graduated from Louisville’s full-time MBA program in September of 2019 and is excited to pursue her love of sports and all things horses with EquiLottery Games!

How has EquiLottery Games helped you in your career development?

My time at EquiLottery has helped me learn a great deal about the lottery and gaming industry, as well as introduced me to numerous industry professionals. In my seven months with the company, I’ve had the opportunity to attend conferences, trade shows and meetings where I have further developed my knowledge and skills. Working for a start-up has taught me to wear many different hats from marketing to operations.

What do you find most challenging at EquiLottery Games?

Coincidently, it’s “wearing many hats” as I said before. One moment I’m performing marketing tasks and the next I’m assisting with design layouts for new apps or running race day control. That being said, I have learned that I don’t want to be limited to just one position –  I like working in different areas of the business.

What have you gained from working at EquiLottery Games?

Well, I’ve gained full-time employment with a company that I love! I started out with EquiLottery as a marketing intern while I completed my masters and worked as a graduate assistant for the University of Louisville’s Equine Industry Program. When I first started, I was brand new to the lottery and gaming industry, here I am just a few months later and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

Last question: If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

A cheeseburger from Whataburger. There is no question about it!

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