Next Level Lottery Content and Technology


Multigame Draw

  1. Winnings based on the results of ten live games playing during specified draw window.
  2. Purchase a ticket, receive quick-picked winners for 10 games, and win by matching as few as 6.
  3. Features league licensing from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.
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Replay Rewards

  1. Uses real TV show clips to determine the results of a lottery draw
  2. Guess which quote will play next and you win. Cash out or play double or nothing.
  3. Quick Draw combines Numbers Games and Keno to create draws as often as every minute.
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Instant / Quick Draw

  1. Bring eInstant flair to draw games with increased return to player frequency
  2. Instant Draw allows players to control when they play with a private draw.
  3. Quick Draw combines Numbers Games and Keno to create draws as often as every minute.
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Next Pitch Live / Keno

  1. Every pitch determines your destiny with these two pitch-by-pitch lottery games.
  2. Next Pitch Live - Player receives quick pick of a ball or strike. Match the real pitch and win
  3. Next Pitch Keno – Randomly cover boxes in batter zone. Live pitch crosses one of your boxes and win.
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Fantasy Jackpot

  1. Quick pick your fantasy roster of four players for a day of basketball or football games.
  2. Win a small prize if any player leads all scorers for a quarter
  3. Cash in $3 million when your players finish in order on top of the leaderboard.
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Freedom to add new games to your lottery’s portfolio without the hassle of legacy systems

Utilizing our proprietary Remote Gaming Server (RGS) to deliver content digitally is hardly a new concept. Building an RGS from scratch designed to specifically serve the lottery industry in retail and digital? Now that’s notable. Add an already-existing portfolio of truly innovative lottery products and the ability to configure and deploy the back end for new games in minutes and it is clear why lotteries are excited about our RGS. The EQL RGS gives unprecedented freedom to add new content without the long development times of the past, making the lottery industry competitive in today’s gaming marketplace.

Our flexible RGS architecture was built to be a third-party vendor, making integrations with primary vendor systems as easy as possible. Thanks to a modern technology stack that started in 2020, integrations into our RGS should take lotteries a fraction of the time quoted by legacy technology providers.

Built using GoLang and utilizing a microservices architecture orchestrated with Kubernetes, the EQL RGS is performant even when experiencing loads at over 1.6 million requests per minute and with over 8,000 simultaneous connections. Handle the ever-evolving demand on your lottery platform with the flexibility and scalability of a modernized lottery platform only offered by EQL Games.


Built Using the latest Technology

Connect with the best and most diverse game catalog in digital lottery

Lotteries are under more demand than ever to continually deliver original and engaging game content to their player base. Expanding your game portfolio often requires sourcing games from third-party gaming studios, each coming with a costly and time-consuming integration into a platform provider.

EQL Aggregation brings lotteries a suite of innovative game content from multiple providers right to you, in a single offering. We partner with studios that have extensive experience in casual gaming and iGaming and connect their games to our GLI-Certified RGS. Access our entire library with a single integration, saving you the time, money, and hassle of expanding your iLottery offerings one-by-one.

Bringing big brands to the lottery space across all verticals

Product licensing can no longer be about slapping a logo on a ticket and relying on the brand’s popularity to drive revenue. With so many products and services in the marketplace today, offerings that lack authenticity are losing relevancy.
Brands that want to enter the lottery industry are also at a disadvantage. There are many opportunities to monetize the lottery space, but doing so without the proper guidance can feel like playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.

EQL Licensing exists to bridge state lotteries and the brands that want to do business in the space. As a boutique agency, we see the brands we represent as partners and not just licenses. We work with these brands to find the perfect fit to maximize their value and opportunity in the lottery industry. We utilize resources from EQL Originals and EQL Aggregation to develop content and branding opportunities that go beyond the logo.

We believe in the promise of licensed properties in the lottery industry and EQL Licensing exists to help shape that future. Whether you are a lottery or a brand looking to get involved in the lottery industry, we are here to help.



EQL Games and Fennica Gaming to Launch Next Gen Lottery Products for North and South American Lotteries

Partnership moves from signed contract to first lottery launch in two months   September 6th, 2023, Louisville, KY – Forming the lottery industry’s first Louisville to Helsinki partnership, US-based EQL Games and Veikkaus subsidiary Fennica Gaming are announcing a partnership to make Fennica’s world class iLottery content available for lotteries across North and South America.


Cummings Presents “Next Level Research” To NASPL PDS Conference

NASPL Professional Development Seminar 2023 in Denver, CO – Our CEO Brad Cummings presented Next Level Research with our long time research partner Jason Allsopp, now a partner with Angus Reid. Watch this video to learn more about the reason players would love to play a Team USA/Olympics lottery game. Spoiler alert: it’s all about


Pariplay Expands North American iLottery Offerings with EQL Games Deal

New partnership brings high-quality iLottery content to aggregation network   NeoGames S.A (Nasdaq: NGMS) subsidiary Pariplay® has signed an agreement to integrate EQL Games as its latest Fusion® partner, with the supplier’s instant win titles set to go live on the platform for lottery-focused operators across North America. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, EQL Games is