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As the pioneer of lottery games based on the results of live sports, it is our mission to develop great games for lotteries and their players. Whether you want to be directly in the action or would prefer a game more “sports-themed”, we have developed several game types that reward players with a cash prizes and a superior gameplay experience to watching lottery balls come out of a machine.

…it is our mission to develop great games for lotteries and their players.

We’ve developed these games under our U.S. and Canadian patents and all games include the following elements:

Game Basics

Secondary Draw System (SDS)

Each of these games is powered by our GLI-certified remote game server we refer to as the SDS. The SDS allows us to develop draw games, including our live sports games, outside of the lottery’s primary vendor. Built from scratch in 2020/21, this system is faster and cheaper to build draw games in than any other in the marketplace. The SDS means new draw games ready to play in days not months. This type of flexibility will give new life to the draw game category.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

We have developed a GLI-certified RNG used only in the market by EQL Games. The software has a cryptocurrency RNG as its core platform and is seeded every 30 seconds by the DRAND project, a group backed by CLoudflare that has worked to perfect the idea of randomness by including over 50 sources of randomness around the world.

Quick Pick Tickets

In order to create a live sports lottery experience, all winnings must be from games of pure chance. This means our live sports draw games must all be played as a quick pick only. That works for us. Our recent study of nearly 7,000 players across the country indicate they want this gameplay style. Players love the idea you don’t have to be an expert to win!

Players love the idea you don’t have to be an expert to win!

Good Chances to Win

Since we are taking away choice through a quick pick only approach, our games must further emulate scratch off tickets and make our games easier to win. With overall odds as good as 3 to 1, these games are designed for constant engagement and churn by the lottery player.

Sports Data Integration

We contract with sports data leader Sportradar to integrate the information necessary to power these games. While the data needed is limited, the accuracy of such data is paramount to the success of the game.

Licensing Fees

One of our core principles is paying for the content we use. With each of the iconic sports licenses we represent, a percentage of each ticket goes to pay for the marks and logos your players know and trust. As you can imagine, this gives each game instant credibility and appeal to players who are core or casual sports fans.

Mobile Apps

Each of our game mobile environments are housed under one larger app that gives players the flexibility to jump between sports with great ease. Players have the ability to do things such as scan and store tickets, track scores, and see how much they have won. These apps can be powered to offer online sales and/or can be directly integrated into a lottery’s existing app.

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