Retail Scratch

  1. Game themes can center on wealth acquisition with a U.S. Olympics theme (Go for the Gold) or the Team USA brand itself
  2. Suggested launch dates of Q1 2024
  3. Robust second chance promotion includes exclusive Team USA merchandise and trips to future Olympics


  1. Engaging eInstant games based on Team USA branding and iconic imagery
  2. Games range from simple scratch design to fully interactive game play experiences
  3. Same second chance opportunities offered at retail can be made available for digital products
  4. Games can also be used as free-to-play reveal for second chance prizes

Fast Play

  1. Use the official Olympics Sports Logos as a way to reveal cash prizes
  2. Linked free-to-play eInstant games bring the second chance prize experience alive without the need for iLottery
  3. Gives players a truly omni channel experience through the lottery's draw terminal

Decathlon Draw

  1. Players receive a Quick Pick of one winner across 10 Olympic Competitions
  2. Tickets matching all ten Gold Medalists win $4M
  3. Field size and number of competitions can be customized to suit lottery’s objectives

Next Point Live

  1. Players receive a Quick Pick of one side for an Olympic tennis match before each point
  2. Double down twenty five times in a row and win $25 million on a $1 wager
  3. Winning 25 times in a row turns $1 into $25M
  4. Game format can be made available for other Olympics sports conducive to this format

Replay Rewards

  1. Embrace Olympics nostalgia with this game based on the greatest moments in Olympics history
  2. Player chooses one of two great moments and taps Play Now
  3. If the video clip revealed matches the player’s selection, they win
  4. Double down twenty five times in a row and win $25 million on a $1 wager


Take a trip down memory lane with the first lottery game based on your favourite tv show clips

Lottery Meets your Favorite Shows

Nostalgia exists not just because the memory is looked upon fondly by us, but that it’s a memory those around us also share. It is that shared experience which turns memories into nostalgia. As we face an uncertain future, we believe nostalgia will be making a big impact on how people see the world and their entertainment dollars.

We believe this is the explanation for why Replay Rewards, the first lottery game based on TV show clips, tested so well amongst players in 2022. Adding a very sizeable 9% new iLottery account signups for the launch of this single game type, this double or nothing style draw product shows to be a great way to cultivate new lottery players. Even 13% of those who never play the lottery showed Purchase Intent meaning they would play the game online AND found it easy to understand AND liked it at first glance AND would spend when given the chance AND indicated they would buy it online. All those “ands” should give you comfort that these numbers are heavily scrutinized.

That’s all great, but how do you play? At its core, Replay Rewards is a basic double or nothing lottery game where every turn is a coin flip. Once the player selects their favorite show from the available catalog and chooses their wager amount, they are presented with two quotes from that show. The player gets to choose one of the two quotes and click Play Now. When the video clip plays, if it reveals the quote chosen by the player, they win.

The player can then Cash Out or push their luck by tapping Double or Nothing. For a one-dollar wager, should a player win 25 times in a row, they’ll win over $25 million.

Quick on the Draw



  1. Combine the frequency of keno games with the suspense of a numbers-based draw game
  2. Customizable for different game themes to fit your player base
  3. Draw frequencies as often as every minute and high RTP to maximize engagement

Next Pitch Live & Keno

Make every pitch a winning moment with Next Pitch Live and next pitch keno

Next Pitch Live

When your players enter the Next Pitch Live game screen, they will choose how much they want to play per pitch and tap the Next Pitch button. The player receives a quick pick of a ball or strike and watches for the next pitch to cross the plate. If that pitch matches their quick picked pitch, they win and can either cash out or tap double or nothing to press their luck. If a player wins double or nothing 25 times in a row, their $1 wager wins them over $25 million.

Next Pitch Keno

Like Next Pitch Live, this unique keno-like product is based on pitch location each time the pitcher throws the ball. Based on a 40-box grid that overlays the entire batter zone, a player chooses the amount they want to play per pitch and how many boxes they want to cover for their wager. The more boxes a player chooses the better chance they have to win and the fewer boxes they choose, the more money they can win. Once they choose the number of boxes they want to play, the boxes are randomly assigned in the 40-box grid, and if the live pitch crosses one of their boxes, they win.

Other Sports
These concepts are not limited to baseball. Ask us about similar game themes available for football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and auto racing.


Live Sports Lottery Games that Break the Mold and Deliver the Gold

Lottery Principles and Live Sports Excitement with our Multigame Draw Products

Place lottery-style wagers on live sporting events with our Multigame Draw product suite. Offer your players the chance to win based on results of live games from their favorite professional sports leagues. With licensing from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, our Multigame Draw Game, based on a slate of future games, is perfect for retail or mobile distribution.

Players purchase any amount of $5 quick pick tickets for that day’s action and watch the games unfold in real-time. Each ticket represents a selection of ten teams across ten games and were randomly assigned by our GLI-certified Random Number Generator. No skill is expended to play this game.

Our Multigame products keep players engaged by paying out as often as one out of every three times. and providing draw game action nearly every day of the year across all available sports.

Other Sports

Multigame draw games can be built for any team sports including a matrix for soccer that accounts for tie games on a regular basis.

Fantasy Sports and Jackpot Wins Are a Match Made in Basketball Heaven

Give your lottery players a chance to play as their favorite basketball stars with our fantasy jackpot game. Add new players to your player base with this inventive spin on a jackpot draw game that appeals to sports fans who like knowing they “don’t have to be an expert to win.”

Each $5 ticket is a quick pick of four players out of 56 players playing that day. Players have 4 chances to win back their $5 by having a player lead all scorers for a single quarter. At the end of all featured games, if a player matches all four players in a row atop the leaderboard on their ticket, they win $3 million.

Other Sports

Fantasy jackpot designs can be made for a variety of team sports. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.


There has always been a strong connection between lottery players and auto racing fans. Racing Riches makes that connection even stronger by basing the results of a lottery draw on the order of finish for a live auto race.

Purchase a five-dollar ticket for every series race and receive a quick pick of three drivers out of the entire field. Match all three in a row atop the leaderboard at the end of the race and win $50,000, or win $5 back by having the last place car on your ticket. No matter which drivers are on your ticket, every ticket starts every race with a chance to win a prize.

Other Sports

Racing Riches can be emulated for any auto racing product and is the next generation in EQL’s first product line based on live horse racing called Win Place Show.


With the EQL RGS, the size of your game catalog is only constrained by the size of your imagination.