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While we may be known for working with some of the most iconic brands in sports, we pride ourselves in being a technology company providing unique products that help fill needs for the industry we serve. Whether it’s the ability to integrate systems for better product offerings, unique ways to deliver draw products, or mobile platforms that engage players with the lottery throughout each day, getting everyone connected is the overarching theme of our technology approach.

The fully customizable SDS reduces the game development process from “weeks and months” down to “hours and days.”

Secondary Draw System

In order to create this vision for a live sports lottery opportunity, we have developed our proprietary Secondary Draw System (SDS) which allows us to remotely operate our draw games. This fully customizable system reduces the game development process from “weeks and months” down to “hours and days.” This flexibility allows us to create new categories of draw games including short run games based on such events as the Summer and Winter Olympics and player drafts for professional sports leagues.

We developed this system to quickly create any version of a draw game and can offer the SDS to third parties that would like a faster and less expensive way to offer new draw game content. Our vision includes connecting innovators and lotteries so they can collaborate more easily in the future.

EQL Integration HUB

We have seen firsthand the complications caused by third-party integrations in the lottery industry and have developed a solution to make this process smoother for everyone involved. Our team of integration experts brings a fresh perspective to solving these problems by creating similar “hub” products for the financial, health care, and retail industries.

The EQL Integration Hub will enable lotteries to offer better products for their players, allow systems vendors to more efficiently serve their lottery clients, and open the marketplace for more third-party vendors to find success. Most importantly, the Integration Hub gives full transparency to the third-party integration process, meaning through our dashboards, lotteries will be able to track transactions in real time and have a complete understanding of how these integrated products are performing.

Mobile Apps

We have developed a series of micro apps to go along with our lives sports draw games. Each of these app environments are housed under one larger app that gives players the flexibility to jump between sports with great ease. These apps currently allow players to scan and store tickets, track scores, and see how much they have won among other things. These apps can be powered to offer online sales and/or can be directly integrated into a lottery’s existing app.

Our platforms can also be used in iGaming environments and comes with an easy to plug and play API structure to be an addition to your online gaming options. This is an especially popular usage of the platform in countries that allow lottery products inside an online casino gaming experience.


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