Our Vision

Since our inception in 2014, we have grown from a single draw game concept to a full game studio of live sports lottery games. In implementing these games, we have experienced the technology challenges facing the industry firsthand and have put together an in-house team to build real solutions to those problems.

But the product is never enough. We believe in building products that earn the trust of our clients through an emphasis on transparency and aim to make their lives easier by reducing development time and expense. We believe in making innovation easier in the industry. We believe in the future of lottery.

We believe in making innovation easier in the industry. We believe in the future of lottery.

Software That Serves You

Too often, we see software development as a necessary evil. It takes too long and costs too much. Customizations and changes can take months and when multi-state games evolve, development calendars are severely interrupted.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe the future of lottery software development should include technology secondary to the primary vendor system. These products should be crafted to solve real challenges specific to the lottery industry. That means new draw games in days or weeks, not months or years. Less time in development means less expense to your bottom line. It means integrations that are simpler for everyone involved.

Best of all, this freedom of time and money creates an environment where chances can be taken and innovation can thrive. That’s software that serves us all.

New Games New Audiences

Our roots are grounded in the idea that the draw game category has a lot of new opportunities to grow. We love traditional draw games and are fully capable of offering these games with our technology. Numbers games, multi-state jackpots, state lottos, keno, and bonus games are all important parts of the draw game category past, present, and future.

But while we believe this to be true, we must also recognize the rapidly changing world around us with rapidly changing tastes and interests. We owe it to ourselves and the good causes we support to find new ways to engage people with games that appeal to their idea of entertainment.

Of course, we believe a big portion of that future includes our live sports draw games, but we also believe it does not stop there. We have built our software to encourage innovation by lowering the barrier to entry and opening the door for new draw games to flourish.

Transparency is Everything

We believe great relationships can only be built on a foundation of trust and that trust must be earned to be worthwhile. The best way to earn that trust is through transparency in our process. That’s why each of our products are developed with transparency in mind.

Our GLI-certified Random Number Generator has been built in partnership with the DRAND Project, a randomness beacon backed by Cloudflare with a publicly transparent mission and approach. Our GLI-certified Secondary Draw System can deliver customized reporting and can instantly respond to audit requests. And our Integration Hub comes with a customizable dashboard feature so that lotteries can have a better idea of how those integrations are performing in real time.

Most importantly, trust is something we must continue to earn. This is why transparency will always be a core part of our vision.

From Left to Right: Matt Lawson (NASCAR), Jason Wilson (The Jockey Club), Scott Kaufman-Ross (NBA), Casey Brett (MLB), Brad Cummings (EQL Games), and Sarah Taylor (Hoosier Lottery)

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