Team Sports Draw Games

Lottery players now have the chance to win cash based on the results of the “Big Four” sports leagues in the U.S. thanks to this suite of live sports multigame draw games brought to you by EQL Games.

Game Description

Do your players prefer more winning experiences or a larger top prize? Why not both? Would you like to engage your players with the happenings of a single game or do your players prefer 10 games on one or two days of league action? We have solutions for both of those scenarios as well. Thanks to the flexibility of our secondary draw game system and our partnership with data provider Sportradar, customizations for Baseball Bucks, Slam Dunk Dollars, Ice Cold Cash, and Football Fortune are often as simple as changing a dropdown box on our admin.

Regardless of the game type, all tickets are Quick Pick only which makes these pure games of chance and not sports bets. And at $5 per ticket, players will get as much as 10 hours of excitement for a minimal investment. All Quick Picks are powered by our GLI-certified Random Number Generator and are the core of why your players want to play our games. When every ticket is a Quick Pick, you don’t have to be an expert to win!

How to Play…
Multigame Draw Game

  • Players purchase a $5 ticket at retail through the existing draw terminal. Online play can be enabled too if available in your state.
  • Ticket features up to 10 games for that day’s schedule and sport.
  • GLI-certified RNG developed by EQL Games quick picks the results on each ticket to ensure this is a lottery game of chance.
  • QR code on each ticket allows players to download the official EQL Games mobile app that tracks game results, stores tickets, and allows players to see how much they’ve won.

Single Game Draw Game

  • Same pricing and technology as the Multigame Draw Game ticket.
  • Ticket features 10 over/unders for a single league game. More than one game can be offered at a time.
  • Concentrate on a single team or rotate on an equal use basis.
  • Due to the specifics of the stat lines involved in this version, the mobile app becomes even more important to guide players.
  • Perfect for states with teams that enjoy near universal popularity among their players.

Two Ways to Play

Results Odds Payout
Match 10 of 10 1,025 to 1 $1,000 (avg.)
Match 9 of 10 102 to 1 $100
Match 8 of 10 23 to 1 $10
Match 7 of 10 8.5 to 1 $5
Overall Odds - 6 to 1
Easier to WIn
Results Odds Payout
Match 10 of 10 1,024 to 1 $500 (avg.)
Match 9 of 10 102 to 1 $40
Match 8 of 10 23 to 1 $15
Match 7 of 10 8.5 to 1 $7
Match 6 of 10 5 to 1 Free Ticket
Overall Odds - 3 to 1


In a consumer world constantly vying for attention, authenticity is a separator. That is why we have worked so hard to secure some of the most trusted brands in the U.S. and beyond. These brands break through the product noise inherent with a lottery retailer.

Players will love these games either way, but nothing replaces that authenticity of the league and team branding of each sport. Each of our games feature the corresponding marks and logos of the featured sport including Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association. For Football Fortune, we have the ability to secure a variety of NFL teams for branding purposes and will work with your lottery to find the best fit for your players.

These licensing deals are multi-year partnerships that allow us to offer these trusted marks to our lottery clients to print on each ticket and market these games to lottery players. Protective of their brands, each league partner will be a part of any marketing development plan and will play an important role in how to position these products most effectively.


Our games are designed to be offered nearly every day of the calendar year. Assuming these leagues return to their pre-pandemic schedules, a lottery that offers all four of our team sports games will feature game play nearly every day of the year.

  • MLB™ – Every day from April through September
  • NBA – Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday from late October until April
  • NHL – Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from early October until April
  • NFL – Every Sunday from September to December

Team Sports Mobile App

These games are geared towards casual players and sports fans so we have developed a mobile platform to enhance the game play experience. This app will include environments for all of our games and will allow players to easily jump between sports to best immerse themselves in the sport of their choosing.

Players will be able to download this app experience through a QR code on the top of each ticket. That code will direct players to their phone’s app store to download this free mobile experience.

With these mobile platforms, players will be able to do the following:

    1. Create a player account
    2. Scan and store tickets
    3. Track scores and outcomes for each game in real time
    4. Check player winnings


Should your lottery want the ability to purchase these tickets online, EQL can make that experience a reality within our existing platform or we can work to integrate our mobile experience into your existing lottery app.

Market Research




  • 52 Weeks
  • 21 Cents PC
  • 1.84% Lottery Sales Growth


  • 52 Weeks
  • 19 Cents PC
  • 1.11% Lottery Sales Growth

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