Summer Games Gold Team USA

Give your players the opportunity to fulfill their Olympic dreams by placing them on the podium with Summer and Winter Gold!


Nothing brings the U.S. together like the unifying spirit of the Olympic Games! Now you can associate your lottery with this type of patriotism and love of country through this partnership with Team USA.

We have all dreamed of being on the Olympics podium but for most of us, winning gold in the Olympics is merely a pipe dream. Summer and Winter Gold gives your players a chance to relive that dream and feel like a member of the Team USA Olympics team!

Based on team events throughout the Summer and Winter Games, these Team USA-branded tickets allow your players to enjoy key Olympic sports such as Basketball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, and Track & Field in our short-run draw game format.

Summer Games Gold Team USA

How To Play

  • Players purchase a $5 Quick Pick Only ticket anywhere draw games are sold.
  • Each ticket features 3 teams listed by country from a single Olympic event. The ticket includes information about the event such as event type and start time.
  • Scan the QR code or visit your app store to download the companion app.
  • Open the app to scan tickets into a profile, receive live updates on event, and see how much the ticket has won after the event is over.
  • If a team withdraws from the competition and is on a ticket, that ticket may be returned for a replacement ticket.

How To Win

There are four ways to win with matching 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in exact order winning the top prize. Below is a prize chart with odds of winning:

Results Odds Payout
First Price Top Three Exact Order 6,480 to 1 $5,000
Second Prize Top Three Any Order 1368 to 1 $500
Third Prize Any Two In The Top Three 22 to 1 $25
Fourth Price Any Finishes In AST 6 to 1 $5

Overall odds of winning any prize – 5 to 1


Each ticket delivers a second chance game play redeemable through the lottery’s players club. On each ticket is a 2nd Chance drawing of an Olympic competition. If Team USA wins Gold in that competition, the ticket is entered into a drawing for prizes related to Team USA and the Olympic Games.

Market Research

  • 6,942 Respondents
  • 6 Sales Weeks
  • 35 Cents PC
  • 3.25% Lottery Sales Growth

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