Nascar Racing Riches

Lottery players now have the chance to win cash based on the results of live NASCAR races with NASCAR Racing Riches brought to you by EQL Games.

Nascar Racing Riches


There is no better crossover between lottery players and sports than NASCAR. Based on market research we have conducted over the years, it is clear that while not all lottery players are NASCAR fans, nearly all NASCAR fans are lottery players.

NASCAR Racing Riches allows you to cater to this sizable population through the excitement of stock car racing. Winning tickets for Racing Riches are determined by the results of one NASCAR race weekly from February through November beginning with the Daytona 500 and ending with the Cup Championship.

All tickets are Quick Pick Only which makes these games of pure chance. And at $5 per ticket, players will get 3 hours of excitement for a relatively small lottery ticket investment. All Quick Picks are powered by our GLI-certified Random Number Generator and are the core of why your players want to play our games. When every ticket is a Quick Pick, you don’t have to be an expert to win!

Nascar Racing Riches

How To Play

  • Players purchase a $5 NASCAR Racing Riches ticket at retail through the existing draw terminal.
  • Ticket features three drivers quick picked for the next NASCAR Cup Series race.
  • Our proprietary GLI-certified Random Number Generator quick picks the results on each ticket making Racing Riches a pure game of chance.
  • The EQL Secondary Draw System makes game development, management, and upgrades easier than ever.
  • QR code on each ticket allows players to download the official Racing Riches mobile app to track race results and check winnings.

How To Win

There are five ways to win. Below is a prize chart with odds of winning:

Results Odds Payout
Match Last Place 14 to 1 $5
Match Winner 14 to 1 $10
Match any 2 1st and 2nd 267 to 1 $150
Match Top 3 any order 11,856 to 1 $5,000
Match Top 3 exact order 59,280 to 1 $50,000

Overall odds of winning any prize – 7 to 1
(Based on a 40-car field)

Market Research

  • 6,942 Respondents
  • 36 Sales Weeks
  • 25 Cents PC
  • 2.08% Sales Growth

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